Enhypen reaction to you being cute. Sunoo will probably learn sentences to threaten you, like if he wants to warn you in public for example. their s/o wakes them up after having a nightmare. •Who would say „I love you" first. YES SOFTIE JUNGWON when you listen to his every command and obey him, jungwon is the cutest, most gentle boyfriend ever. TXT Has The Cutest Reactions To Seeing Photos Of ENHYPEN During The D’FESTA Event. ↳ genre: random, fluff. There were meme compilations of “(y/n) Promoting Enhypen Better Than (Group Name)” or (Group Name) Being Huge Engenes, Mostly (y/n . Dogs look cute. I feel like they’ll get there. The newcomer is ready to steal the hearts of global K-Pop fans with their talents and prince-y visuals. Your cheeks start to burn immediately when you hear that familiar voice. Starring Kim Hee-sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk and Yoon Ji-on. Niki asks you to watch a movie with him, only to fall asleep on you instead. Standing behind you, he wrapped his arms around your waist and put his head on your shoulder. Pairings: Enhypen x Gender Neutral!Reader. — enhypen reaction to hearing you sing for the first time ! genre: fluff + established relationship for heeseung and sunoo. He’ll try to learn words and small sentences like “I love you”, “I’m hungry” and other stuff like that. And you probably will start to be nice to him since he is cute. He will probably just act cute to get your attention. - It takes you getting hit on it public to make this boy realize. ]」のパフォーマンスや、 楽しいゲ Answer (1 of 5): I’m not trying to make excuses for enha but here’s my opinion :( . — ENHYPEN ♡ MASTERLIST. fluff. heeseung: “Just one second, babe, need to finish this match,” Heeseung hums as you try to catch his attention. he’d be giggling and smiling. Sunghoon, by now, had gotten used to you being physically affectionate with him. i still sleep with a nightlight”. he isn’t phased at all in the beginning just simply enjoying the attention and showers of love and aegyo, the thought of something being wrong didn’t even cross his mind until you kept following him all around, not "Look, I know you had a rough day. Pairing : Enhypen hyungline (Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon) x Gender neutral!Reader . Let’s find out which ENHYPEN member is your prince charming soulmate! A Flight Attendant Met ENHYPEN On A Flight And Shared Her Experience. When your pregnant and you get annoyed everytime you see them. (F, C. When you’re done speaking, he’s giving you a hug. Enhypen when their idol s/o has a lot of male fans: Heesung: At first it would feel weird to him and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from being jealous; He would try to hide it so you don’t feel bad but his pouty lips would show you how he felt “Like I’m happy you’re successfulbut you know it still feels weird” Jay: pairings: idol!enhypen x fem!idol!reader. jungwon always pulls you into his arms and presses his soft lips against your forehead, cooing praises and how much he adores you. i just wanted to know how big Enhypen fanbase in comparison of txt. ៚ ─ heeseung !. that was a really sweet thing of you to do, jay. Sunoo. Heesung: Would spread little kisses on your back if you stood in front of him; When you held hands he would kiss the back of yours a lot; Would alway make sure you’re comfortable while sleeping so he would get you a pillow and put a blanket over you; Jay: Enhypen Parent Line Reaction to You Being Scared of Dogs. don't worry though he will do anything you'd ask for in a heartbeat. But you brush him off instead with a pout. ↝ maknae line ver ! 💌 : get well soon jakey! 💗. Warnings: cursing and mentions of alcohol if you squint. note. On your first time meeting, he’s preparing a speech in your native language to impress you, even if he’s mistaking few words, he’s still ending up smiling at you like a happy puppy. You two were on a date night in a cute restaurant, you were updating him with everything that happened to you this week and so did he. okay first of all you’d both probably get cute deer onesies. So you and Jungwon decide to meet at the library, a quiet and reserved place. I finally found Seulgi in her room, under her bed. he liked seeing you work hard and especially in your element. Lol 😂 He is gonna outgrow the boys but still act like he used to. HEESEUNG. Enhypen imagines & reactions. — but does so . This was really fun to write, and while it has only HeeJay, I could write for the other members too if you guys want (especially since 4/7 of . ★ heeseung. As you express your feelings talking to him, he stares at you deeply in your eyes, not breaking the eye contact. And he mean it. 🐻 jungkook, you haven’t look this good in a beanie in a while. :D credits ҂ You two being an idol couple & fans reactions ! . he takes LOTS of pride in you and being your bf. “Sweety, come out! We are going to get late. Thank. ღ ⏤ JACOB. #ENHYPEN 「DIMENSION : 閃光」- ONLINE EN-COMING PARTYが無事終了しました 🎉 「Always」「Tamed-Dashed [Japanese Ver. Even though he’s not sure about your feelings, he can see right through you, and knows that the date is something you’re going on not because you want to, but because of some. Hello everyone! . at the time, you thought there was no hope in finding love, as no one in your life fit the ideal picture of a lover you painted in your head. YANDERE ENHYPEN REACTION-HYUNG LINE YOU BACKHUG THEM ACCIDENTALLY. •Reaction:You being insecure. ) in Kpop and they all know that. especially seeing you wear them, he’d fall for you even more. sunghoon thought it would be something tragic when he read your message. Enhypen as your boyfriend. ♡ protective enha! enhypen hyung line reaction to seeing you uncomfortable within the presence another person/s. You start dancing, popping to the rhythm of the song, hitting every beat. Fans fear bandmates' jokes made him lose confidence. I want to remind you that it's just a bad day on the many good days that are coming. latest writing : reaction to their s/o getting braces!. You know that little thing he does with his . Word Count: about 300 - 400 per member. we're perfect together. ) Settling down in the tub, you sighed. all members. ) he aaalwaays bugs you to play games with him (especially wii and nintendo switch lmao) either that or you’re playing animal crossing while eating takeout at your dinner table. 🐥 it looks good. I'm sorry if I'm being a little too harsh or mean, I'm just annoyed that this has happened to me once again. “i hope you don’t mind but uh. none that i noticed | unedited !. yes by qui [@penny-quinn] | requests are closed atmheeseung ::⇝. Sunghoon had complimented Y/N a lot more than the other girls in the group and she gave a half-assed thank you (while . he becomes very sensitive about it . he’d then smother you in kisses . none Can I please get a enhypen reaction to you being much shorter than them? ( like around 155 cm) ღ genre: fluff. Headcanons : ⇝Enhypen : There’s One (1) Imposter Among Us. . likes to sing your parts out of nowhere. like no doubt about it . when you both wake up, he would bring it up to you and tell you how cute he found it and how much he liked it; would ask you to do it again in the future; sunghoon. hello hello, lovely anonnie! thank you for requesting! when i first received this, it made me smile. I think we don’t feel en- cuz they are more popular in East Asia kinda like 17. You relationship is so awkward but so cute ; He finds you lowkey adorable ; Like your droopy eyes and eyebags . Hueningkai. reactions : en- reaction to you kissing them when they ask for chapstick . #enhypen; #enhypen reacts; #enhypen reactions; #enhypen scenarios; #enhypen imagines; #kpop; YOU ARE READING. be my forever call my name. No doubt Sunghoon has the visual materials ( light skin, high slim nose bridge, double eyelids, sharp jawline,. there’s nothing you want more than to see him happy, and his love for music makes whatever decision you make together in the future be enough for you. 05_2022): "Using this sound again because it's cute #run2jay #jungwon #enhypen #ily #♡". Mellow speaks: And here you have it, a reaction for Enha’s parent line!! Thanks for the request anonie, and I hope you enjoy reading this! PS. this audio is cute but yall are being depressing. hyunjin yeji and niki are siblings. Really hope they include their reactions in a behind the scene or something. your orders are called out to be taken and you go up to retrieve the both of them. he’d reassure you he giggled because he thought you were cute. Hi! Can i request an enhypen reaction to their afab idol s/o being like the "dude" in her group? Sorta like my girl shin ryujin💓 also your blog is K-Pop Quiz: Which ENHYPEN Member is Your Prince Charming Soulmate? ENHYPEN is known as one of the monster rookies these days. pairings: idol!enhypen x gn!reader. pairing: enhypen x gn!reader. Pouting, you watch him play, unable to help your curiosity, your eyes more focused on the way his hands dart across the keyboard and . run away with me. i can see him being both a big spoon and a little spoon depending on the mood that day but don't worry you guys will snuggle all night long!! but you can't leave out the part where you'd be waking up randomly because of his snores but HELLO! Can you do a enhypen reaction where their fans create cute compilations with their idol s/o? Something like "Heeseung and Y/N being parents" or "Jake and Y/N being simps for each other". You were the perfect balance to his personality. Originally posted by sunoosmile. “wanna eat together? think it’d be . When your daughter introduces their first boyfriend. lee heeseung. He was totally cool with it “I’m passionate at dancing” lol 😂. Small smiles when it happens again (because it happens often) Simply makes sure you’re comfortable and feel safe. a/n: this is actually so short i haven’t written short reactions in quite a while now! i rlly don’t wanna publish these but i need to work on my posting schedule and this is the only thing i’ve got for now 💀💀 pairings: ot7 x gn!reader. cute :3. Video de TikTok de 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚖 𝚡 𝚎𝚗𝚑𝚊 (@txw. Please let me distract you for a while. “Aw, I made my cute little baby scared. “i see. heeseung. lots of cuddles and soft reassurances : (. - Once he does it’ll be the biggest “Ohhhh” moment the other members have ever seen. toad: treasure tracker txt reaction to you calling them oppa txt reaction to you calling them oppa Vereda $0 Creative Cute Will Turn The Eyeball Round Frame Glasses Funny Bi Novelty & Special Use Costumes & Accessories Costume Props Novelty & Special Use Costumes & Accessories Select Page. he has no reason to lay his hands on you, so he’ll instead reward you for good behavior. a/n: this is my first enhypen work if it sucks pls tell me LOL I ALSO LEFT HEESUNGS ON A SAD NOTE OOPS. •Reaction:You being jealous. At some point you even take off your woodie, feeling like a star. ENHYPEN comforting their s/o when they have a breakdown. you would be on a movie date with him; you’d both be getting situated with placing the popcorn between the two of you and your drinks in your respective cup holders enhypen reaction on u getting chased by their dog (hyung line) warnings//none. Enhypen reaction to having a lazy,adorable,sleepy boyfriend . featuring. SUNGHOON. He still got a little flustered when you did it in ‘public’, which was just in front of the members, but he found it pretty cute. Sunoo is a member of Korean boy band ENHYPEN (Instagram/Sunoo) K-pop group ENHYPEN members have come under fire for apparently fat-shaming fellow bandmate Kim Sunoo. Polaroid Love. you and enhypen had comeback at the same time and were placed a room next to each other. You don't need to say anything to me but I really want to make you feel better. Originally posted by yangjungwon would smile so hard and would probably tease you for it as well. Read Please Read from the story enhypen reactions by PardonKookie7 (lena) with 3,042 reads. text post. Softest boy. you stealing them. - hugs you tightly. ( Enhypen yandere reaction to s/o being terrified of them ) Originally posted by myartsyaesthetic. enhypen when they ignore you — undecided, ot7. He will make the whole school leave you alone no one would talk to you. I’m glad I got partnered with you. req — hello thereee ☺️ i really enjoy reading your reactions so i was wondering if you would be able to write enhypen reacting to when you have a nightmare? if you do, thank you so much! listen to wish you were sober by conan gray. TikTok video from run2jay (@14. If you’re ever having trouble with . enhypen as your boyfriend. Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou. So he slowly pecks all over your face until you wake up if that doesn’t work he’ll eventually just say your name over and over again. — a whole ass model student!! — joins the meeting ten minutes early. Without even any prompt, the group couldn’t stop praising how Jungkook looked wearing the beanie and his happy reaction was equally as cute. When he realised that he would sulk for the rest of the day, still not being able to believe you would play with his emotions like that. but being with you, he felt relaxed, like for once, he was the one being supported . •Reaction:You having mood swings. Thank you for all the memories and the laughs we shared. Also I wrote some of this at 2 am and it is raining so hard. not requested. requested. He even sees it as a coded language between you two. This is my first time ever writing a book of a groups reaction so please bare with me. probably wouldn’t know what to do so kind abt it <3. Enhypen’s reaction to pick up lines. This guy would try to make you calm. " More you might like. They look so cute and vulnerable with tears in their eyes, all because of me” ↳ pairing: bf!enhypen x reader. * This giant would be like beomgyu. - would hurry to your side and ask if you're okay. * Definitely hold stuff above his head but his crush would probably have to get a ladder to reach (a chair isn’t going to work) would smile when his crush pouts. RM. See more ENHYPEN jungwon. jungwon TikTok video from run2jay (@14. sunoo (ENFP) - the selfie and aegyo master of the group. “I’m sorry jagi you were just too cute and I couldn’t handle myself. disclaimer: . doesn’t care if he gets sick . when you first met sunghoon, he didn’t meet your criteria either, but he was able to change your mind. The HYBE 02-Liners Have Become Closer, And ENHYPEN’s Jay Has Proof. curse words. with promotions bring long and hard practices. would dab your head with a rag . 2. “Yah! Jin you know you can’t sneak up on me” You said as you turned around in his arms. you’d have to take care of him —sunghoon. Notes: hii ! i started to write short stories during my break huuu ;; but it's fun ! i think this one could honestly have been better though, but i was probably, uh- sleep-deprived when writing this (i still lowkey am) thank you to pinterest for giving me a dialogue prompt list ! if i make more, i'll probably add them into a series lol. by | May 12, 2022 | Uncategorized | May 12, 2022 | Uncategorized Because some of y'all have amnesia, which I hope you get the necessary treatment for, here's a list of songs released by BTS from 2020 to the present (includes official releases, collaborations, mixtapes, Soundcloud singles): 2020-. Your boyfriend will turn super clingy, throwing his arms around you and nuzzling his face in your neck, biting your shoulder or kissing your jaw to make you notice him. — actually answers the teacher’s questions. He would be worried about you , so when he came in the room just to see you crying, he would want to cry after seeing you cry so he would hug you and rub your back to comfort you. heeseung trusts you enough and he knows you will do nothing to cross any lines you . “😲 oh. mentions you in almost every vlive. Heeseung. As expected, ENHYPEN’s “Drunk-Dazed” and its music video are both huge hits! With everything being so well-received, many are curious to know what the inspiration for the single was. he would immediately walk up to you, reaching out to intertwine his fingers between yours and leaving a gentle kiss on the back of reaction to you giving them flowers!. but you both being the stubborn people you are, you decided to give each other the . This was going to be Seulgi’s first day in the day care and apparently, she didn’t want to go. - Heeseung starts laughing again, patting your back softly. . You missed being with the two people you loved the most. enjoy readinggg !! Thank you for supporting me and for being my number 1 cheerleader. I could see it in your fuckin’ eyes, Wonie. — has his camera on the whole time. "jay- " you start feeling anger bubbling and your eyes start to spill. :D credits enhypen’s 8th member enhypen reactions to Yuri feeling sad since enhypen just had their comeback for tamed-dashed, that means there are lot of promotions. he found it to be cute that you were shorter. he bickers with the other members, but it’s all very lighthearted and shows his . — voluntarily participates in discussions. you came home and he immediately knew something was wrong; you looked so sad and he came and hugged you straight away; when you felt his arms around you, you just kinda snapped and started crying into his chest the thought of falling in love seemed impossible before you met park sunghoon. I wish I could have seen the others reaction when that pants ripped. it was cute; you quickly hushed him and felt the vibrations of his laugh against you; . even thought it didn’t bother him. — immediately remembers to mute himself after he’s done talking 💯. “It was good” you hear. - Once he realizes he’s gonna be a little more clingy but you wouldn’t notice bc Jake is . Missed being able to take special night walks with your husband and cute ice cream dates with your daughter. The songs ends and you feel exhausted for all the energy you spent on it. happy go lucky type of person who stays bright and positive which lifts the mood of the group. Enhypen: Cute things they would do as your boyfriend. other reason. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . — reminds others to mute themselves pt 2. ##__reaction to someone flirting with you - enhypen edition. - “Babe, babe, baby I’m sorryyyyyy” : ( literally frowning as he speaks. When your rubbing your stomach when pregnant. ]」のパフォーマンスや、 楽しいゲ Notes: hii ! i started to write short stories during my break huuu ;; but it's fun ! i think this one could honestly have been better though, but i was probably, uh- sleep-deprived when writing this (i still lowkey am) thank you to pinterest for giving me a dialogue prompt list ! if i make more, i'll probably add them into a series lol. extra nice because he doesn’t want to anger you —sunoo. I feel like enhypen adores sunoo A LOT especia. You’ll find it so cute and sweet, you’re definitely going to fall for him. if you’re around, he isn’t letting you go. It wasn’t exactly “fat shaming” but even if it is I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean to or have any bad intensions. You loved your job, but as a homicide detective, work could get overbearing. One of the waiters was acting a bit in an uncomfortable way . (since we know how much heeseung looks like our bambi : (: () then second of all, he’d be IN LOVE with them. I live in SoCal and I feel like I can’t function when it rains “Riki you’re too cute” You help him stand up properly and he’s certain that he’s not going to try some of the more difficult positions first; One step at a time~ (Ateez lol) Will high-key join your class as well; Teases you all the time; Definitely Video de TikTok de 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚖 𝚡 𝚎𝚗𝚑𝚊 (@txw. however, if he sees someone getting too close to you, he wouldn’t hesitate to immediately jump in. HELLO! Can you do a enhypen reaction where their fans create cute compilations with their idol s/o? Something like "Heeseung and Y/N being parents" or "Jake and Y/N being simps for each other". a bouquet is probably the best thing to receive early morning before practice. okay!”. he’d find them so adorable and cute. super-duper caring !! (aka. :D credits Enhypen as your brothers. “y/n, your boyfriend is . would you stop with that — yang jungwon, one-shot, fluff, . Heeseung POV. boyfriend!enhypen x gen!reader. heeseung feels so safe sharing the process with you, even knowing that if he gets what he wants the most, he will have to keep your relationship a secret. "you won't find anyone better, i promise. Sunoo's look are very idol-like, cut. JAY. 9k. i mean honestly, i’m not complaining. The group consists of: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki. like in a middle of a dance jam live and everyone is like silent. you curse yourself for being so emotional. It started from a cute crush to dark to Obsession He would immediately become smitten with you though, he knew you are the one for him . Tries to block your eyes from the lights with his hands. They also behav. slight angst, fluff, young love, best friends-to-lovers, college au, masc!reader, best friend!jake, best friend!enhypen, top!jake, bot!reader, jake being a jealous best . this idea is just so cute, i love it (and i can completely relate to y/n’s reactions in this one )! here it is! thank you for your patience! i really 3. Hopefully you see something you like here and if you want to see anything specific from me feel free to request. ღ admin: jasmine. Jake. - once you start calming down, he'll sing you a song. •Who would initiate the first kiss. you laugh a bit and tuck your hands into the pockets of your sweats. " She said seriously after he turned to face her again ready to answer more likely with a smart remark. *・゚ ʚ pairing ɞ : enhypen hyunglinexreader! ʚ genre ɞ : yandere ʚ warning ɞ : yandere themes , cursing ʚ summary ɞ : you are one of their classmates which they are obsessed with and are stalking from some time now . definitely gives you cuddles . Jake-. With their large, round heads, big eyes that face forwards, soft fur, and floppy ears, dogs simply look very appealing to us. jungwon, kpopreactions, niki. genre: fluff, angst. enhypen when you wipe off their kisses — reaction, ot7. Mumbling he gave you a kiss before helping you finish baking. thanks for requesting ! — heeseung ! fairly surprised because he didn’t expect it. The moment you tell him you’re going on a blind date, his eyes would narrow, as he just stares at you without saying a word. When they are your kindergarten students. your poor boyfriend was already thinking about the most catastrophic scenarios of taking care of a baby being two inexperienced teenagers, but when he entered the apartment and saw a 10-year-old boy on the sofa, he realized what it was all about. 3inColor: Matte skin measurement Moisturizing Waterproof reflect The $1 6 Cells No Smell Silicone Material Cute Owl Style Cake Molds For . - once he sees you crying he starts to panic. archive. Based on what I saw from their contents and stuff. “Seulgi! We have to go now!”. ”. ]」のパフォーマンスや、 楽しいゲ Yang Jungwon Being A Brat (ENHYPEN) Language: English Stats: Published: 2022-05-13 Words: 9160 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 2 . Whenever you’re speaking in your native language, he’s always amazed by . i’m y/n. ↳ wc: 1354 | warnings: none?. “It was cute how you kept pretending you didn’t want me. •Reaction:You break something. he trusts you a lot and respects your decisions, so it’s really hard to catch him being jealous. since txt seems to me much more popular than enhypen. ” jay greets. When you pushed him bcoz he was your kidnapper - he was hurt . you mutter to yourself and feel your eyes start to get hot. The way you talk behave literally everything. enjoy readinggg !! Because some of y'all have amnesia, which I hope you get the necessary treatment for, here's a list of songs released by BTS from 2020 to the present (includes official releases, collaborations, mixtapes, Soundcloud singles): 2020-. “engenes have you heard (your group)’s recent song? it’s really good~”. note: requested by anon ♡. ENHYPEN; BTS; TREASURE; Kep1er; TXT; BLACKPINK; aespa; Stray Kids; Jungkook; Previous Page More Results. like stated in almost all my fics, all my writings are purely fiction! the characters depicted by the enhypen members do not reflect on their true personalities. When they're your overprotective brothers. Winter Flower - YOUNHA ft. he doesn’t get jealous easily. if you still sleep with one bc you’re afraid of the dark he’ll probably try to help you overcome ur fear. you got into an argument, a dumb one actually. * Uses his crush’s head as an elbow prop. but if he does he will complain the whole time . Draws soft patterns on your back or sides or arms. i shouldn't have left. 「 heeseung 」. enhypen reactions Fanfiction. (C. You need sea and western fans to be loud on sns and feel the group’s popularity. It felt good to relax for once and not be around crime scenes 24/7. 2 days ago · When the video was shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over the way the members were with Jungkook. Continue Reading. “nice to meet you, y/n. Welcome to my ENHYPEN masterlist. mention of bugs, food. - stokes your hair. The series highlights more familial sides of the cast, such as Bruce as the tired father or Jason as the rough-housing b Volleyball Practice Belt Adjustable Volleyball Training EquipmenLiner angle Color x Lipliner all tools. I find that so cute. enhypen): «Jungwon has a weakness for being so cute <3 #enhypen #txw_enhypen #jungwon #kpopfyp». Korean fans of ENHYPEN and Sunoo, K-ENGENE, have argued that 'chubby' is taken as a compliment in the culture. He’s also tired and does not want to fall asleep on the tiny couch nor does he want to pick you up he’s tired. ENHYPEN means just like hyphen connects different words to create new meaning, members 2 days ago · When the video was shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over the way the members were with Jungkook. A long, silent hug. Jay took the floor and explained what the members wanted to convey in the song. * He has nicknames for him crush like pip squeak, munchkin , teeny tiny. ) ⇝Enhypen’s reaction to getting documentary facts texts past midnight - Part 1, Part 2. Heeseung: - he would be looking for you everywhere cause he didn't know where you were. •Reaction:You being drunk. In so many interviews you’d mentioned Enhypen, & with you being reasonably around their age, the media took it upon themselves to surmise that you just had to be dating a member to promote them that hard. - I feel like he won’t realize he likes you until it’s right it front of his face. Reaction: You calling them cute Reaction: Breakup Prank . He wants to be able to speak to you in your native language. I heard Y/n say as she searched around. Meet ENHYPEN in this interview with members Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki on their 2020 K-pop debut, goals for the Billboard charts and info about one another that you . SUNOO. More you might like. When you’ll scold him softly, he won’t hesitate to whine that you’re not talking to him, making the rest of your girlfriends coo at his cuteness. You make me feel safe, happy, loved, and deserving. definitely planning a break fast date, and if not that then simply a . if you need anything he’s right there . “I knew it already” he whispers in your ear. You’re probably his wallpaper; fast asleep and cuddled up against him like that. i know you still love me" he says with a completely serious expression. genre: fluff, crack. Then next he will make you you are ONLY nice to him. i am not trying to imply that their personalities are like the fictional characters either! there is NO smut content in Quote from crazydoll86. In that case, everyone is just like him. " he would giggle, then apologize as you got shy, he really just didn’t want you upset and he felt guilty as you got a bit upset. :D credits About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . photographing Transparent to 08 of 09 manual 06 Nude 07 Shaker waterproof for Lip the ColorsSpecification 10 size deviations Type: 02 Cocktail 05 11 actual Gloss Lasting There Colors 04 because Pc slight 5. *・゚ʚ ENHYPEN HYUNG LINE REACTION : TO YOU ASKING THEIR HELP IN A SCHOOL PROJECT ɞ. ) ⇝Enhypen reaction to pick up lines - hyungline, maknae line. When you call them by their real name. WESTCREEK Brand Double Layer Car Key Wallet Leather Large Capaci “Be Fair To Jimin” Trends Following BTS’s “PROOF” Tracklist Release. I hope you know that I care about you too and I don’t want this to be a one sided thing. enhypen’s first kiss with their s/o. I'm kinda late to these, but here's my ranking of them after their debut. - You finally let him pull you into a hug, wrapping your arms around him as he rocks side to side. This book will have random Enhypen members reactions, imagines, and much more! [PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY WORK!] Started: 02/16/21 Ended: Highest Ranking: #1 - hybe. enhypen masterlist | library. he’s sassy and is often teased by the members because they love seeing his cute reactions they get out of him. which is a natural reaction to a handsome Alpha being patient and praising him. Table of contents. warnings. I yelled, trying to locate my daughter who was hiding. After the two read some interesting comments, Jay decided to trick dongsaeng and Sunoo’s reaction was adorable! During their live broadcast, Sunoo viewed a comment that claimed, “ You can’t touch the cheek and wink at the same time” Sunoo decided to test it out for himself and proceeded to touch his cheek and winked at the same time. Johnny. he laughed; man he couldn’t stop laughing at u; like the dog is small; prob small than ur head does; u screamed for the top of ur lungs for his help but he just look at u 梁 “hee istg im gonna kill ur pet ” u threatened him and he took his dog and apologize; jay the thought of falling in love seemed impossible before you met park sunghoon. It doesn't mean anything else. "i'm sorry. - let's you cry on his chest. - But you can still see him trying not the laugh or grin-. enjoy readinggg !! ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) is the final 7 members from the survival show I-LAND under BE:LIFT Lab, a joint label created by BigHit Entertainment and CJ E&M Entertainment (now known as HYBE Labels). 1. ENHYPEN REACTION.

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